at Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Sport Shooting at Cape Breton Island
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The Cape Nova Rifle and Revolver Club




Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada




This website is about sport shooting, about our club, about our club life,

about the membership and much more.

This website is about us and for us.

And this website is made by us.

This is The Cape Nova Rifle and Revolver Club's website.







Starting in 2018, additional club shoots will be held on different Saturdays!





AIMS OF The Cape Nova Rifle and Revolver Club


  1. Promote gun skills, education and safety.
  2. Promote safe competitive shooting.
  3. Promote good fellowship and sportsmanship.
  4. Promote recreational, personal enjoyment and physical fitness.
  5. Encourage and facilitate shooting at a reasonable rate for family participation.

Any Canadian resident living in the Cape Nova area and holding a valid Firearms License may apply for membership of The Cape Nova Rifle and Revolver Club.

More information about becoming a member you can find here.





We, the Cape Nova Rifle and Revolver Club on Cape Breton Island, are a member
of National Firearms Association of Canada.

We are also a member of:

The Shooting Federation of Canada and

The Shooting Federation of Nova Scotia.





We, the members of The Cape Nova Rifle and Revolver Club are concerned about Bill C-71.


Open Letter


to Mr. Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness


Dear Mr. Goodale,
I am writing this letter on behalf of the members of the Cape Nova Rifle and Revolver Club in regards to bill C-71. We have well over 140 members who are comprised of hunters, collectors as well as sport and competition shooters some in which compete at a national level.
We have chosen to write this in opposition of this bill as we feel it unjustly targets our members, our hobbies, our past times and our passions.
This bill does nothing to stop gun violence at the hands of criminals. The only thing it does is make more paper work for the law-abiding firearms owners. We are already the most scrutinized people in the country with daily criminal record and background checks through CPIC. We understand the need for a safe society without gun violence and we do our part as law abiding citizens. Using precious resources to make it more difficult for us law abiding citizens with knee jerk reactions does nothing to stop the violence and illegal actions of actual criminals. Less resources should be used targeting legal firearms owners and more should be spent combating the criminals who don't abide by the laws anyway.

Please respond,


Chris MacDougall

President Cape Nova Rifle and Revolver Club




PS: This letter was mailed out to Mr. Goodale. But Mr. Gandale did not respond yet.





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