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Shooting Range Rules, Procedures and Booking

Queensville Shooting Range

Attention: - magnum rifles are not permitted, nor is a .50 calibre at Queensville Shooting Range!

Skeet shooting is now permitted!

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Sport Shooting at Cape Breton Island
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Shooting Range Rules, Procedures and Booking


Queensville Shooting Range


Civic Address of Range:   2558 Highway 105
Location Description:      24.1 km from Port Hawkesbury off Highway 105
Lat / Long Coordinates:   N 45° 44' 32.8" W 061° 20' 43.8"
UTM Coordinates:          20T E 628704 N 5066763
Office:                         Whycocomagh
Phone #:                       902-756-2339
County:                        Inverness
Local Directives/ Notices:  Queensville Range access road not ploughed during winter months!


Please check the availability here:

View Availability Queensville Shooting Range


The Shooting Range can be booked online at with Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.

DNR Shooting Range Booking System


Please see this document for a listing of what calibre of rifle is permitted to be used at the Queensville Range.

You will note on the 1st page,1st section, that magnum rifles are not permitted, nor is a .50 calibre.


Queensville Shooting Range Layout


To have a closer look at the Queensville Shooting Range layout, please click here.

In May 2015 we opened our brand new Hand Gun Range at the Queensville Shooting Range.



Questions? Please contact:

  • Chris MacDougall at 902-631 1738
  • Kevin Sampson at 902-219-3166
  • Wilson Cameron at 902 625-3701

Please always remember: we are guests at this shooting range!

The owners of this range is the Department of Natural Resources Nova Scotia.

We expect all members and guest to follow these range rules.



  1. The small portable gong is for use with .22 calibre firearms only. Using it with larger calibre will damage it.
  2. Magnum Rifles are not permitted, nor is a .50 calibre at Queensville Shooting Range.
  3. Skeet shooting is now permitted!


Range Rules and Code of Conduct:

  1. Use of this Range is at your own risk.

  2. If present, follow instructions of 'range officer' at all times.

  3. Park all vehicles at a safe distance to the rear of the firing line.

  4. No person is to be under the influence of or in the possession of alcohol or drugs while on Range property.

  5. Targets are to be in place before anyone approaches the firing points with a firearm.

  6. The action of any firearm must be open at all times, except when actually being used on the range.

  7. Only one (1) cartridge at a time is to be loaded into a firearm. Repeat action firearms are to be single loaded to prevent accidents.

  8. Muzzle of the firearm to be pointed down range towards the target at all times.

  9. All ammunition is to be kept under control, and only loaded when all has been made ready for firing to commence.

  10. No person is allowed in front or to the side of the firing line when firing is taking place.

  11. Do NOT use any unsafe or hazardous arms or ammunition.

  12. Do NOT handle or dry fire a firearm behind the firing line.

  13. Refrain from talking to or distracting shooters on the firing line.

  14. Before moving to the target or from the firing line:

    • a. unload and render the firearm safe; 

    • b. leave the breach open and firearm down, and 

    • c. BE SURE it is safe to proceed!

  15. Clean range of all debris before leaving. Ensure all expended cartridge are collected.

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Range Rules & Procedures

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