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Cape Nova Maple Leaf

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- The Rifle and Revolver Club near the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, close to the entry to Cape Breton Island?


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Well, of course you could meet us during our club shoots. The dates and times you can find on our shooting schedule.
The Cape Nova Shooting schedule will be posted at this website on a regular basis, as soon information is available.
Of course you could just pay us a visit at the Queensville Shooting Range. You are welcome to meet us at the parking area.


do not walk into the range building and please do not disturb the club shoots.
Under no circumstances move behind the buildings and never behind the firing line!
If the red flag at the main building and the red marker at the entrance are raised, the range is hot. Special caution is advised.
The preferred way to contact us is to call us or to send us an e-mail.

How to find us on the map?

Queensville Shooting Range

2558 Highway 105

Queensville, Nova Scotia

B9A 1R9

Cape Nova Maple Leaf


Cape Nova Maple Leaf


Contact Cape Nova



or call

Secretary: Wilson: 902 625-3701

President: Garry: 902 999-7969

Vice-President / webmaster: Roland: info (at) capenova dot com


Cape Nova Maple Leaf